Plaster, Foam, Plasticine, Trolley, Wood, Paint, Fixings, Found Objects

Artist: Harley Kuyck-Cohen, Scientist: Alex Hopkins

A collaborative sculpture with the public, Harley and Alex have created a 3D model of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park which aims to gather representations of how we imagine the future.

Harley’s work often looks at the drama that surrounds shared and private spaces. Alex’s research explores how the role of external factors impacts our anxieties and our decision making.

Through a series of workshops, and in active participation by the public, the two are looking for you to represent those feelings that we have towards the future, where it may be about housing, or the climate emergency… uncertainty is often the intangible sum of multiple anxieties. Shaping Uncertainty seeks most of all to solidify these invisible forces.

Artwork Team

An image of Alex Hopkins

Alex Hopkins

An image of Harley Kuyck-Cohen

Harley Kuyck-Cohen