The OPM Collaboration

In partnership with Young Epilepsy, The OPM Collaboration set out to raise the voice of young people with epilepsy by co-designing key elements of a new brain scanning technology.


Through a series of creative workshops, focus groups and a wider testing phase, we worked with young people with epilepsy, their parents and guardians and wider experts to co-design:

  • Fun and comfortable scanning helmets
  • Enjoyable activities to do during the scan
  • Resources to explain the scanning process

As a result of the project, we have published new insights and guidance on how to better support young people with epilepsy during the brain scanning process of this emerging technology.

In 2022, The OPM Collaboration received the Award for Outstanding Public Engagement Project at the Department of Imaging Neuroscience’s Public Engagement Awards.

Explore these pages to find out more about the project and its key insights and recommendations.

With thanks to DURA FILMS for producing this case study film.