• UCL World Stroke Day Forum image

    UCL World Stroke Day Forum

    An annual forum bringing together stroke survivors with researchers, clinicians and charities across the UK.

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  • Understanding MRI image

    Understanding MRI

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  • The Dementia Film Project image

    The Dementia Film Project

    A research engagement project aiming to increase understanding of living with dementia

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  • Experiencing Fatigue image

    Experiencing Fatigue

    Experiencing Fatigue' is a collaborative arts and research project involving stroke survivors, neuroscientists and artist Sofie Layton.

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  • Dear World Project image

    Dear World Project

    An art collaboration exploring the use of labels in mental health

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  • Patterns of Perception image

    Patterns of Perception

    A collaboration exploring better ways to dispel misconceptions and communicate the experiences of those living with Parkinson’s Disease.

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  • OPM Collaboration image

    OPM Collaboration

    Co-producing a new brain scanning technology with young people with epilepsy

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  • In2research image


    Promoting diversity in STEM through mentorship and support

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