Grant Funding Scheme

Supporting researcher development in Public Engagement

The WHN bursaries have been designed to support and develop researcher skills and experience in public engagement in research. The scheme is available to all researchers and staff within the Centre. The scheme offers two bursaries, with one funding round per year. The bursaries available are:

Public Engagement Pilot Fund (up to £500)

The Public Engagement and Involvement Pilot Fund can be applied for by any researcher from the Centre to enable them to test an engagement or involvement project.

The funds can be used to:

  • Develop and test a larger public engagement or involvement idea
  • Run a focus group to work with target audiences in shaping research design or practice
  • Experiment with an innovative approach to public engagement or involvement
  • Build evidence for inclusion in larger research grant applications for public engagement and involvement

The outcomes from this program can then be used to apply for further engagement funding.

Public Engagement Innovation Fund (up to £2000)

The Public Engagement Innovation Fund is available to researchers who have previously attended the Introduction to Public Engagement training program run by the PE team. The aim of this bursary is to enable researchers to run public engagement projects that align with the Centre’s vision and aims.

The funds can be used to:

  • Build on an engagement/involvement project previously piloted
  • Develop a project focused on two-way engagement with your target audience
  • Develop a project which enables patients to feed into a research project

All projects must meet the criteria for this bursary demonstrating a strong understanding of public engagement or patient and public involvement.