Experiencing Fatigue

Experiencing Fatigue’ is a collaborative arts and research project involving stroke survivors, neuroscientists and artist Sofie Layton. The project explores stroke survivors’ experiences of post-stroke fatigue through artistic media. These have informed a physical installation and online showcase entitled, ‘Ensnared: The Inescapable Reality of Fatigue’.

Our overarching aim is to make visible this invisible condition and deepen everyone’s understanding of the physical and emotional challenges involved in tackling post-stroke fatigue in one’s everyday life. As well as this Dr Kuppuswamy hopes that the artistic expressions will help inform her scientific work.

This project is a collaboration between the Institute of Neurology’s Fatigue group and the public engagement team at the Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging. 

To experience the digital exhibition and view more about the project, please click the links below:

Project Website

The Research

Chronic fatigue is a highly prevalent symptom across many diseases irrespective of disease burden. Our lab focuses on neural mechanisms independent of disease pathology, primarily investigating movement related sensory processing. We use a range of techniques from neuroimaging, non-invasive brain stimulation, behavioural paradigms to self-report. Alongside understanding mechanisms, we also develop brain-based therapeutic interventions.

About the Research