Project Stories

Embossing Fatigue

Embossing kits were packaged up and send to participants through the post in Lockdown 2020.



World Stroke Day Forum 2020

Members of the ‘Experiencing Fatigue’ project team including artist, scientists and stroke survivors come together to discuss ‘Experiencing Fatigue’ at UCL’s World Stroke Day Forum in October 2020.


Experiencing Vision and Light

Vision is one of the senses that people with pathological fatigue often find difficult.



Experiencing Fatigue at Bloomsbury Festival 2020

The theme for 2020 was VISION which fell in line with Experiencing Fatigue which is about making the invisible visible through the expressive outputs within ‘Ensnared’: The Inescapable Reality of Fatigue.


What People Don’t ‘Get’ About Fatigue

Participants shared frustration around friends and family having difficulty understanding the condition.



Ensnared: A Reflection of The Bloomsbury Festival Discussion

On October 23rd 2020 the ‘Experiencing Fatigue’ team presented our project ‘Ensnared: The Inescapable Reality of Fatigue’ as part of the Bloomsbury Festival.


Sarah’s Letter to her Fatigue

Stroke survivor Sarah wrote a letter to her fatigue. which conveys the frustration of letting an old version of herself go and facing a new reality in which fatigue can enter at any moment.


David’s Experience: Running with Post-Stroke Fatigue

David is a stroke survivor and participant in Experiencing Fatigue. He explains how fitness and physical exhaustion have little to do with his of post-stroke fatigue.


Printing Fatigue Quotes

Sofie Layton used huge screens to print panels presenting quotes from our stroke survivor participants.