Public Engagement Awards

Recognizing and Rewarding Public Engagement

Developing a culture where public engagement is embedded into practise and valued by staff requires support, encouragement, and recognition of effort and achievement. WCHN annually awards three Public Engagement prizes within the centre, these are distinctly defined and allow recognition of individual growth, individual achievement, and collaborative effort. All researchers and staff within the centre are eligible for the awards, to reflect that public engagement can be contributed to by everyone. The prizes are as follows:

An image of people in an exhibitionRising Star Award

A staff member who has shown outstanding promise and attitude towards public engagement.

This award is aimed at recognising those who are increasingly embracing public engagement within their practise. Their activity might be nascent or developing, but their enthusiasm and understanding shows great future potential. This award congratulates individual effort and progress, and incentivises continuing work on public engagement projects.


An image of Kate LedinghamExcellence in Engagement Award

A staff member who has played a key role in engagement work, including demonstrating a strong understanding of public engagement in research.

This award recognises those who show thorough understanding and appreciation of public engagement, and apply this in ways which feed into and progress their work. Their activity will be thoroughly considered and planned with effective evaluation that demonstrates impact. This award congratulates individual effort and achievement, and encourages awardees to spread their understanding and application of public engagement among their colleagues, team and wider community.

An image of people drawing an artworkOutstanding Engagement Project Award

An entire engagement project which aligns with the vision and aims of the Centre’s PE strategy.

This award recognises a research group or collection of individuals who have delivered, or are delivering, an outstanding engagement project. The activity of the project demonstrates two-way engagement with the Centre’s target audiences, and the impact of the project is clearly evaluated and corresponds to the vision and aims of the Public Engagement Strategy. This award recognises the importance of collaboration in realising public engagement projects, and incentivises sharing and team work to develop practise.