Tremors vs Tremors

Tremor is a common problem with many causes. Tremors are influenced by how we feel, becoming worse when anxious, tired, unwell or stressed. Parkinson’s is a progressive brain condition often associated with tremor, slow movements and muscle stiffness. However, it is highly variable and can affect many other less-visible body functions, such as mood, sleep, energy levels and thinking. This means the way one individual is affected by Parkinson’s will not be the same as another, even over the longer term.

Tremors vs Tremors is a multidisciplinary research engagement project focused on Parkinson’s. It uses bespoke musical compositions, created from tremor recordings and personal narratives, to reveal the unique way an individual is affected by the condition and highlight the intersection between mood and tremor. The overarching aim is to help promote a better understanding of the lived experience of this condition.

It is a collaborative partnership between UCL’s Department of Imaging Neuroscience and Innocean Worldwide Europe (IWE), Berlin, a global marketing and communications agency that undertakes charitable projects to raise awareness of medical conditions.

This project is led by Dr Christian Lambert, Neurologist at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, UCLH and Neuroscientist at UCL, Charlotte Dore, Research Assistant and PhD Student, and members of the IWE Berlin team. It has been delivered in collaboration with people living with Parkinson’s, engagement specialists, and film and audio production specialists.

Explore these webpages to find out more about the project, and read more in this news piece. You can also explore the Tremors vs Tremors bespoke website here.

Photo Credit: José Filipe Gomes, Innocean Worldwide Europe (IWE), Berlin.


  • Tremor recording using a device called an accelerometer.
  • Dr Christian Lambert being interviewed
  • DaHouse audio production specialists creating bespoke song tracks
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