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OCD and The Brain

OCD and The Brain is a collaborative research engagement project that aimed to bridge the knowledge gap that often exists between OCD research and the OCD community.

To achieve this, researchers and engagement specialists at UCL’s Department of Imaging Neuroscience, and two leading OCD charities, International OCD Foundation (IOCDF) and OCD Action, collaborated with people from the OCD community to co-create a new digital hub called OCD and the Brain. This bespoke website contains an animation, a toolkit with engaging visuals and information about what we currently know about OCD and the brain, OCD resources, and information about the project and the team behind it.

OCD and the Brain was launched at an online livestream event on Saturday 27th January 2024 and is now freely available to all: https://ocdandthebrain.com/.

As well as co-creating a resource that will hopefully be accessible and useful to the OCD community, insights gained during the process have influenced the research team’s future work, whose research questions are now more aligned with participants’ interests and needs. OCD and the Brain is currently available in English, with a German version due to be launched later in 2024.

Explore these webpages to find out more about the project and the team behind it. You can also read more in this news item.

This project was funded by a Wellcome Research Enrichment Grant.