Experiencing Fatigue at Bloomsbury Festival 2020

Bloomsbury Festival is an annual event celebrating pioneering creativity from organisations working across sectors (research, culture, local community groups) in the geographic area of Bloomsbury, London. The theme for 2020 was VISION which felt apt given that Experiencing Fatigue is about making the invisible visible through the expressive outputs within ‘Ensnared’: The Inescapable Reality of Fatigue. Helen Craig, Public Engagement Manager at UCL interviews the Experiencing Fatigue team including stroke survivors, neuroscientists and artist (Sofie Layton) about the project vision, the workshop process and the artworks. We also premiered the animation Ensnared: The Inescapable Reality of Fatigue and heard audience responses for the first time.

See a recording of the conversation

Read a response to the event from Bloomsbury Festival’s resident writers.