Creative Partners

The OPM Collaboration project would not have been possible without the contribution of our creative partners.


Creative Facilitator – Hefin Jones


With huge thanks to Hefin Jones, the Creative Facilitator on the project. Hefin designed and co-facilitated the creative workshop phase of the project, including the creative activities, workshop resources and project branding. Hefin played a key role in the project, and we’re very grateful for all of his time, expertise and thoughtful input throughout.

Designer – Mark Lim, Chalk Studios

Mark LimWe are very grateful to Mark Lim and the team at Chalk Studios, who designed the creative boxes that we posted out to workshop participants. The boxes allowed us to facilitate the workshops in an engaging and fun way, and meet the needs of the project.




Film Makers – DURA Films

Thank you to DURA FILMS, who captured the project in a short film, and provided some photos for the Project Report.