Video, looped

Artist: Joceline Howe, Scientists: Tobias Hauser & Alisa Loosen

Imagine an upsetting vision intrudes your mind.

It won’t go away.

The only way out is to carry out the rituals dictated by your intrusion.

Again, and again.


This cycle is a reality for people living with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

The present artwork encourages its audience to inquire what it means to have OCD and to raise awareness for this widely misunderstood disorder.

This cameraless film has been made without a camera, from meters and meters of 16mm film stock, that has been scratched repeatedly, drawn onto repeatedly – creating an endless rhythm. The film has been transferred from motion picture film into video (telecine) and then digitally edited and manipulated. A16mm film runs at 24 frames per second, 11 meters per minute. Here through the process of editing this established rhythm has been sped up, slowed down, altered.

A Perpetual Impasse combines film and video. The cameraless film represents internal thoughts; there is no camera operator, it is private and unseen. This abstract imagery creates an ongoing visual noise that represents feelings, thoughts, obsessions. In contrast, the digital video of the hands illustrates the compulsions. A camera is used, the compulsions are visible, directed, choreographed.


Artwork Team

An image of Tobias Hauser

Tobias Hauser

An image of Alisa Loosen

Alisa Loosen

An image of Joceline Howe

Joceline Howe