Acrylic on Plywood

Artist: Tom Berry, Scientist: Elisa van der Plas

Five different people interact with one another around a simple choice: whether to go left or right. This simple decision highlights some of the many complex interactions that can inform our daily decisions. The processes involved are studied by Elisa at the Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging and are each described on the reverse of the four accompanying cards; 1. Confidence, 2. Metacognition, 3. Mentalising, and 4. Privately and publicly held beliefs.

Do you recognise any of these processes in your own decision making?


The Development Process

The artwork was developed through multiple layers of thin ply creating a three dimensional sculpture. The five figures are interwoven toegther in dynamic poses all reflecting the different decision highlights.


Artwork Team

Elisa van der Plas headshot

Elisa van der Plas

An image of Tom Berry

Tom Berry