About Patterns of Perception in Parkinson's Disease

The Patterns of Perception in Parkinson’s disease (PoP-PD) project will involve four main stages:

Hands-on explorative workshops

  • Through creative workshops, people living with Parkinson’s and their carers will have the opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences with discussions around dementia in Parkinson’s.
  • These workshops will be developed in collaboration with artists at Central Saint Martin’s School of Art.

Co-development of an information toolkit for patients and carers

  • Information toolkits are resources that help clinicians and patients learn about a specific issue and address it appropriately.
  • Based on the explorative workshops, and together with people living with Parkinson’s disease and carers, we will co-create resources for patients, carers and healthcare providers about how to best approach these conversations.

Consultation period

  • Once developed, the toolkits will be disseminated to the wider Parkinson’s and medical communities to review and feedback
  • This consultation period allows us to get input into the effectiveness of the information resources and then modify them to be as beneficial as possible.

Utilising and embedding the toolkit within the public domain

  • We will launch an awareness campaign together with Parkinson’s UK, and will embed the finalised toolkit within Parkinson’s UK’s information and support resources for patients and carers
  • Through other relevant charities and stakeholders, we will further raise awareness of the newly-developed tools through media, conferences, and patient-focused events.


The project builds upon the successful outcomes from our previous Patterns of Perception collaboration. In 2020, Patterns of Perception aimed to find better ways to dispel misconceptions about the experiences of those living with Parkinson’s disease through dance and art.