The Understanding MRI team 

The core Understanding MRI team (see below) was supported by a Working Group of researchers from across the Department.

The first video (What is functional MRI (fMRI)?) was supported by Nadege Corbin (Physics team), Nicky Smith (qMap-PD team) and Anisha Desai (PLORAS team).

We would like to thank all of the research volunteers who co-developed these animations alongside the team, as well as Alice Haskell, the brilliant animator on the project.


Core Team

Dr Nadine Graedel

Research Fellow (Physics)

Kate Ledingham

Research Assistant & PhD Student (Language Group)

Megan Creasey

Megan Creasey

Head of Imaging Support

Headshot of Joanne Thomas

Joanne Thomas

Public Engagement Coordinator


Dr Barbara Dymerska

Research Fellow (Physics)

Sharon Geva

Dr Sharon Geva

Research Fellow (Language Group)

Charlotte Dore

Charlotte Dore

Research Assistant (qMAP-PD)

Bruna Centola

Senior MRI Research Radiographer