Creative Boxes

Designed by Mark Lim from Chalk Studios, the engaging and bespoke Creative Boxes provided the young people and their parents with the materials required for the Creative Workshops, including a Helmet Kit (for the Helmet stream) and a Task kit (for the Task stream)

  • OPM helmet box

The Creative Boxes also included a project journal for the young people and a facilitator’s guide, to support the parents to do the workshop activities, as well as craft materials and stickers. These were designed by Hefin Jones and the project team.

Helmet Stream

Boxes for the Helmet Stream were laser cut with a special pattern, so that the cardboard acted as a fabric. Participants were able to assemble their helmet using the box.

Task Stream

The Task Stream boxes contained a flexible boundary made using cardboard tubes. This was designed to replicate the space in which people who are being scanned can move around in the OPM testing room.