About UCL World Stroke Day Forum

The UCL World Stroke Day Forum was an annual event that took place around World Stroke Day in October each year. Launched in 2018, the forum brought together stroke survivors, carers, researchers, clinicians and charities, all focused on improving research and rehabilitation for stroke. 

The Forum was originally designed as a one-day event in central London. However, since 2020, the Forum took place as a digital and later a hybrid event with participants signing in from all over the UK and abroad.

The Forum offered a range of talks, documentaries and workshops that aimed at engaging and promoting conversation between all our contributors. It valued the expert knowledge that those with lived experience, as either a stroke survivor or a carer, can offer the research and rehabilitation conducted at UCL, as well as the support offered by charities.

The aims of the Forum were to:

1. Empower stroke survivors to contribute to and influence the future of stroke research and rehabilitation at UCL.

2. Provide researchers and clinicians with an opportunity to engage openly with stroke survivors and carers about their research and the current rehabilitation landscape within the NHS.