Project Team

Dear World Project is a collaboration between scientists at the Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging and artists and makers. We combine our approaches of art and science to open up conversations around mental health.

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Headshot of Julia Vogl

Julia Vogl

Cassandra Hugill headshot

Cassandra Hugill

Headshot of Rachel Bedder

Rachel Bedder

Headshot of Alban Low

Alban Low

Headhsot of Faye Watson

Faye Watson

Headshot of Joanne Thomas

Joanne Thomas


An image of Tom Berry

Tom Berry

An image of Anjali Bhat

Anjali Bhat

An image of Rutie Borthwick

Rutie Borthwick

An image of Steve Fleming

Steve Fleming

An image of Calum Guinea

Calum Guinea

An image of Tobias Hauser

Tobias Hauser

An image of Alex Hopkins

Alex Hopkins

An image of Joceline Howe

Joceline Howe

An image of art

Rebecca James

An image of Harley Kuyck-Cohen

Harley Kuyck-Cohen

An image of Kelly Lloyd

Kelly Lloyd

An image of Alisa Loosen

Alisa Loosen

An image of Andrew McWilliams

Andrew McWilliams

Art image

Nicole Morris

Elisa van der Plas headshot

Elisa van der Plas

An image of a woman drawing a wall art

Giulia Ricci

The headshot of Cathryn Shilling

Cathryn Shilling

Matilde Vaghi headshot

Matilde Vaghi

The Wickers Charity logo

The Wickers Charity


Benjamin Chew headshot

Benjamin Chew

Magda Dubois headshot

Magda Dubois

Sankalp Garud headhshot

Sankalp Garud

Noor Sajid headshot

Noor Sajid

Yuki Shimura headshot

Yuki Shimura